Bald Eagle

Juvenile Bald Eagle, Lyons, MI

January 1, 2021 
I had just finished posting a long thank you message on our Riverbank Treasures Facebook page, ending with, “… and everyone who just happened to be driving by and decided to take the time to stop and check us out … thank you!” I went outside to feed the birds and as I was crossing the driveway there it was, flying right above me, a juvenile Bald Eagle. It was so low I could see the beautiful details of its bright yellow legs and the surprisingly even pattern of its mottled feathers. It was such a delightful surprise that I blurted out loud, “well good morning beautiful!” As it continued coasting over the remainder of the driveway it looked down and back over its left shoulder and right at me. 


This amazing bird just happened to be flying over, at that very same moment that I decided to go outside, across the very same place in the driveway. It could have been flying anywhere else at any other time, but it was right there and right then.

Thank you.

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