ISOF: Tidbit

(ISOF – FKA – It Seemed Oddly Familiar; ISOF – Now – In Search Of Family)

Three minutes to ten p.m. and the two Ecofans on the back of the wood stove are turning slower and slower as the heat from the cooling ashes dissipate into the living room. The TV is on an episode of Johnny Carson. Two dogs and a husband are all curled up on the couch together, softly snoring. The furnace kicks on and hums along with the refrigerator. Johnny’s voice is comforting and brings up childhood memories of hearing him from the upstairs bedroom while falling asleep. The audiences’ laughter is also soothing and bringing on the urge to close my eyes. One of the two fans has almost stopped turning completely. The furnace and refrigerator both power off at just about the same time. The soft snoring seems just a little louder now. The one fan has stopped turning all together. Only then the wind outside could be heard as the TV volume is lowered some more along with drooping eyelids. Johnny says something about a dead Carp and Ed McMahon laughs. He announces his first guest, Lynn Redgrave, which suddenly feels like a wink from the spirit world from my father who named me after her sister. The second fan is still turning slowly with no apparent plan to ever stop.

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